Towards EXtreme scale technologies and accelerators for euROhpc hw/Sw supercomputing applications for exascale: The TEXTAROSSA approach

In the near future, Exascale systems will need to bridge three technology gaps to achieve high performance while remaining under tight power constraints: energy efficiency and thermal control; extreme computation efficiency via HW acceleration and new arithmetic; methods and tools for seamless integration of reconfigurable accelerators in heterogeneous HPC multi-node platforms. TEXTAROSSA addresses these gaps through a co-design approach to heterogeneous HPC solutions, supported by the integration and extension of HW and SW IPs, programming models, and tools derived from European research.
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Pasqua D;Ambra, Massimo Bernaschi, Alessandro Celestini, Mauro Carrozzo, al.
Butterworth Scientific Ltd.
Microprocessors and microsystems (Print)