Computational features of agent-based models

Some remarks on modeling and simulation for the dynamics of magnetoelastic materials

Analysis of a PDAE model for electric networks and semiconductor devices

Medida das deformações do terreno nos Açores por interferometria radar: função da correcção atmosferica

Numerical Grid Generation Free-access Knowledge: Theory, Methods and People

Testing a heuristic for a flexible transport system

The concept of innovation in transport systems requires the satisfaction of two main objectives: the service flexibility and the costs minimization. The demand responsive transport systems (DRTS) seem to be the solution for the trade-off between flexibility and efficiency. They require the planning…

Proprietà di continuità per una classe di sistemi ellittici tipo p-Laplaciano

A sharp integrability condition on the right-hand side of the p-Laplace system for all its solutions to be continuous is exhibited. Their uniform continuity is also analyzed and estimates for their modulus of continuity are provided. The relevant estimates are shown to be optimal as the right-hand…

A priori bounds for solutions to fully anisotropic elliptic equations

We are concerned with a priori estimates, in rearrangement form, for weak solutions to fully anisotropic, nonlinear elliptic equations with lower-order terms whose prototype is \begin{equation*} \left\{ \begin{array} [c]{lll} -\hbox{\rm div} \; (a(x, u, \nabla u)) + b(u)=f(x) & \qquad\hbox{\rm…

Fractional Orlicz-Sobolev Embedding

The optimal Orlicz target space and the optimal rearrangement- invariant target space are exhibited for embeddings of fractional-order Orlicz-Sobolev spaces. Both the subcritical and the supercritical regimes are considered. In particular, in the latter case the relevant Orlicz-Sobolev spaces are…

Curvature dependent functionals in image interpolation and disocclusion