Stringent error estimates for one-dimensional, space-dependent 2 x 2 relaxation systems

Sharp and local L-1 a posteriori error estimates are established for so-called "well-balanced" BV (hence possibly discontinuous) numerical approximations of 2 x 2 space-dependent Jin-Xin relaxation systems under sub-characteristic condition. According to the strength of the relaxation process, one can distinguish between two complementary regimes: 1) a weak relaxation, where local L-1 errors are shown to be of first order in Delta x and uniform in time, 2) a strong relaxation, where numerical solutions are kept close to entropy solutions of the reduced scalar conservation law, and for which Kuznetsov's theory indicates a behavior of the L1 error in t center dot root Delta x. The uniformly first-order accuracy in weak relaxation regime is obtained by carefully studying interaction patterns and building up a seemingly original variant of Bressan Liu Yang's functional, able to handle BV solutions of arbitrary size for these particular inhomogeneous systems. The complementary estimate in strong relaxation regime is proven by means of a suitable extension of methods based on entropy dissipation for space-dependent problems. Preliminary numerical illustrations are provided.
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Amadori, Debora; Gosse, Laurent
Annales de l Institut Henri Poincaré. Analyse non linéaire