A multi-GPU aggregation-based AMG preconditioner for iterative linear solvers

We present and release in open source format a sparse linear solver which efficiently exploits heterogeneous parallel computers. The solver can be easily integrated into scientific applications that need to solve large and sparse linear systems on modern parallel computers made of hybrid nodes hosting Nvidia Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) accelerators. The work extends previous efforts of some of the authors in the exploitation of a single GPU accelerator and proposes an implementation, based on the hybrid MPI-CUDA software environment, of a Krylov-type linear solver relying on an efficient Algebraic MultiGrid (AMG) preconditioner already available in the BootCMatchG library. Our design for the hybrid implementation has been driven by the best practices for minimizing data communication overhead when multiple GPUs are employed, yet preserving the efficiency of the GPU kernels. Strong and weak scalability results of the new version of the library on well-known benchmark test cases are discussed. Comparisons with the Nvidia AmgX solution show a speedup, in the solve phase, up to 2.0x.
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M. Bernaschi, A. Celestini, F. Vella, P. D;Ambra
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,
IEEE transactions on parallel and distributed systems (Online)