Relativistic Tidal Acceleration of Astrophysical Jets

Within the framework of general relativity, we investigate the tidal acceleration of astrophysical jets relative to the central collapsed configuration ("Kerr source"). To simplify matters, we neglect electromagnetic forces throughout; however, these must be included in a complete analysis. The rest frame of the Kerr source is locally defined via the set of hypothetical static observers in the spacetime exterior to the source. Relative to such a fiducial observer fixed on the rotation axis of the Kerr source, jet particles are tidally accelerated to almost the speed of light if their outflow speed is above a certain threshold, given roughly by one-half of the Newtonian escape velocity at the location of the reference observer; otherwise, the particles reach a certain height, reverse direction and fall back toward the gravitational source.
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Donato Bini, Carmen Chicone, Bahram Mashhoon
American Physical Society,
Physical review. D, Particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology