Personalizing physical exercise in a computational model of fuel homeostasis

The beneficial effects of physical activity for the prevention and management of several chronic diseases are widely recognized. Mathematical modeling of the effects of physical exercise in body metabolism and in particular its influence on the control of glucose homeostasis is of primary importance in the development of eHealth monitoring devices for a personalized medicine. Nonetheless, to date only a few mathematical models have been aiming at this specific purpose. We have developed a whole-body computational model of the effects on metabolic homeostasis of a bout of physical exercise. Built upon an existing model, it allows to detail better both subjects' characteristics and physical exercise, thus determining to a greater extent the dynamics of the hormones and the metabolites considered.
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Palumbo M.C.; Morettini M.; Tieri P.; Diele F.; Sacchetti M.; Castiglione F.
Public Library of Science,
PLoS computational biology