A patient with PMP22-related hereditary neuropathy and DBH-gene-related dysautonomia

Recurrent focal neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies is a relatively frequent autosomal-dominant demyelinating neuropathy linked to peripheral myelin protein 22 (PMP22) gene deletions. The combination of PMP22 gene mutations with other genetic variants is known to cause a more severe phenotype than expected. We present the case of a patient with severe orthostatic hypotension since 12 years of age, who inherited a PMP22 gene deletion from his father. Genetic double trouble was suspected because of selective sympathetic autonomic disturbances. Through exome-sequencing analysis, we identified two novel mutations in the dopamine beta hydroxylase gene. Moreover, with interactome analysis, we excluded a further influence on the origin of the disease by variants in other genes. This case increases the number of unique patients presenting with dopamine-?-hydroxylase deficiency and of cases with genetically proven double trouble. Finding the right, complete diagnosis is crucial to obtain adequate medical care and appropriate genetic counseling.
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BartolettiStella A.; Chiaro G.; CalandraBuonaura G.; Contin M.; Scaglione C.; Barletta G.; Cecere A.; Garagnani P.; Tieri P.; Ferrarini A.; Piras S.; Franceschi C.; Delledonne M.; Cortelli P.; Capellari S.
Journal of neurology (Print)