Matteo Paoluzzi per i seminari generali dell'IAC 2024


Inizia con Matteo Paoluzzi, ricercatore all'IAC, la nuova serie 2024 dei seminari generali dell'IAC. 

Il seminario si svolge martedì 19 marzo, presso l'aula I piano della sede di Roma, via dei Taurini 19, in modalità mista, presenza e streaming. 

Il titolo del seminario è: Collective Behavior in Living Materials 

Di seguito l'abstract.

Active Materials are collections of self-propelled particles that serve as model systems for several biological systems ranging from epithelial tissues to bacterial microfilms. Because of their non-equilibrium dynamics, active systems can show condensed phases that are prevented by fluctuations at equilibrium. For instance, active particles can condense even in the absence of any attractive force, develop collective long-ranged polar order in two spatial dimensions, and produce spontaneous currents once embedded into complex environments. In this talk, I will show how most of the peculiarities of scalar active systems can be rationalized in terms of persistent random walks. I will explore the impact of such non-equilibrium dynamics on a coarse-graining scale where it is possible to observe a phase separation driven by the noise.

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