Numerical simulation of a multi-group age-of-infection model

Age of infection epidemic models [1, 3], based on non-linear integro-dierential equations, naturally describe the evolution of diseases whose infectivity depends on the time since becoming infected.

A new product integration rule for the finite Hilbert transform

For the finite weighted Hilbert transform we consider two different product integration rules, the VP rule and the L-rule, based on the same nodes and obtained by approximating the density function wi

Revisiting the Inflammatory Pathway with Network Biology

Motivation Inflammation is part of the complex function that addresses harmful stimuli, and the first phase of wound healing (WH), which guarantees living systems' homeostasis.

Electrostimulation of a 3D in vitro skin model to activate wound healing

The aim of the work is to propose a methodology for the stimulation of a 3D in vitro skin model to activate wound healing.

Simulazioni delle traiettorie di visitatori nelle aree museali

Analisi, modellizzazione e simulazione delle traiettorie dei visitatori nelle aree museali

ECOPOTENTIAL: Using Earth Observations to Protect Natural Landscapes

Terrestrial and marine ecosystems provide essential goods and services to human societies. In the last decades, however, anthropogenic pressure has produced a loss of ecosystem services that can serio

H2020 Project ECOPOTENTIAL: making best use of remote sensing and in-situ observations to improve future ecosystem benefits

This poster has been presented at the first ILTER Open Science Meeting in Skukuza, Kruger National Park, South Africa, 9-13 October 2016 (, and describes the ge

Semiflexible polymers under large amplitude oscillatory shear flow

The non-equilibrium structural and dynamical properties of semiflexible polymers confined to two dimensions under oscillatory shear flow are investigated by Brownian multi-particle collision dynamics.

Modeling ATP-mediated endothelial cell elongation on line patterns

The migration of endothelial cells (ECs) is critical for various processes including vascular wound healing, tumor angiogenesis, and the development of viable endovascular implants.