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Bounds in total variation distance for discrete-time processes on the sequence space

Let P and P' be the laws of two discrete-time stochastic processes defined on the sequence space S, where S is a finite set of points.

Advantages and limits in the adoption of reproducible research and R-tools for the analysis of omic data

Reproducible (computational) Research is crucial to produce transparent and high quality scientific papers.

Advancements in RNASeqGUI towards a Reproducible Analysis of RNA-Seq Experiments

We present the advancements and novelties recently introduced in RNASeqGUI, a graphical user interface that helps biologists to handle and analyse large data collected in RNA-Seq experiments.

Towards EXtreme scale technologies and accelerators for euROhpc hw/Sw supercomputing applications for exascale: The TEXTAROSSA approach

In the near future, Exascale systems will need to bridge three technology gaps to achieve high performance while remaining under tight power constraints: energy efficiency and thermal control; extreme

A non-local semilinear eigenvalue problem

We prove that positive solutions of the fractional Lane-Emden equation with homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions satisfy pointwise estimates in terms of the best constant in Poincaré's inequality

Lagrange-Chebyshev Interpolation for image resizing

Image resizing is a basic tool in image processing, and in literature, we have many methods based on different approaches, which are often specialized in only upscaling or downscaling.

Filtered integration rules for finite weighted Hilbert transforms

A product quadrature rule, based on the filtered de la Vallée Poussin polynomial approximation, is proposed for evaluating the finite weighted Hilbert transform in [-1,1].

Hydrolyzed Rice Formula: An Appropriate Choice for the Treatment of Cow's Milk Allergy

Cow's milk allergy (CMA) is a common condition in the pediatric population. CMA can induce a diverse range of symptoms of variable intensity.

Asymptotic analysis of Poisson shot noise processes, and applications

Poisson shot noise processes are natural generalizations of compound Poisson processes that have been widely applied in insurance, neuroscience, seismology, computer science and epidemiology.


We compute the Euler equations of a functional useful for simultaneous video inpainting and motion estimation, which was obtained in [17] as the relaxation of a modified version of the functional prop