Active semiflexible polymer under shear flow

The dynamic behavior of a self-propelled semiflexible filament of length L is con- sidered under the action of a linear shear flow.


The dynamic behavior of a self-propelled semiflexible filament of length L is considered under the action of an external unbounded shear flow.

Semiflexible polymers under external fields

The behavior of semiflexible polymers under external fields is numerically studied.

From ECOPOTENTIAL to GEO ECO: The future of ECOPOTENTIAL: what comes next?

Presentazione orale al side event - GEO Week 2018 - Sede: Kyoto (JP) - La GEO WEEK è la conferenza scientifica internazionale di GEO che precede il summit annuale dei 200 membri di GEO.

Image resizing by Lagrange and de la Vallée Poussin type interpolation

The aim of this talk is to show how classical approximation tools such as Lagrange interpolation and more generally de la Vallée Poussin type interpolation, both of them based on Chebyshev zeros of f

Research co-design in protected areas for nature conservation: the ECOPOTENTIAL Project experience

Questa presentazione descrive le conclusioni finali del progetto ECOPOTENTIAL riguardo al coinvolgimento degli stakeholder delle aree protette nel definire e condurre le attività di ricerca a fianco

An in-vivo comparison of source localization methods

Electrical source imaging (ESI) aims at reconstructing the electrical brain activity from measurements of the electric field on the scalp.

The FORUM End-to-End Simulator project: architecture and results

FORUM (Far-infrared Outgoing Radiation Understanding and Monitoring) will flight as the 9th ESA's Earth Explorer mission, and an End-to-End Simulator (E2ES) has been developed as a support tool for th

Cyber risk management: technical and economic factors

The Internet evolution is one of the greatest innovations of the twentieth century and has changed lives of individuals and business organizations.

Supra and Sub Molecular Investigation of Pathologic Tissues by X-Ray Scanning Microscopy

X-ray Small and Wide Scattering scanning microscopies have been adopted to inspect morphological and structural properties of collagen-based tissues at the atomic and nano scale 1 .