Mathematical model for transport of DNA plasmids from the external medium up to the nucleus by electroporation

We propose a mathematical model for the transport of DNA plasmids from the extracellular matrix up to the cell nucleus. The model couples two phenomena: the electroporation process, describing the cell membrane permeabilization to plasmids and the intracellular transport enhanced by the presence of microtubules. Numerical simulations of cells with arbitrary geometry, in 2D and 3D, and a network of microtubules show numerically the importance of the microtubules and the electroporation on the effectiveness of the DNA transfection, as observed by previous biological data. The paper proposes efficient numerical tools for forthcoming optimized procedures of cell transfection.
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Legube, M.; Notarangelo, M. G.; Twarogowska, M.; Natalini, R.; Poignard, C.
Mathematical biosciences