Joining European Scientific Forces to Face Pandemics

Despite the international guidelines on the containment of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the European scientific community was not sufficiently prepared to coordinate scientific efforts. To improve preparedness for future pandemics, we have initiated a network of nine European-funded Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Actions that can help facilitate inter-, multi-, and trans-disciplinary communication and collaboration.
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Helena Vasconcelos, M. and Alcaro, Stefano and ArechavalaGomeza, Virginia and Baumbach, Jan and Borges, Fernanda and Brevini, Tiziana A. L. and Rivas, Javier De Las and Devaux, Yvan and Hozak, Pavel and KeinanenToivola, Minna M. and Lattanzi, Giovanna and Mohr, Thomas and Murovska, Modra and Prusty, Bhupesh K. and Quinlan, Roy A. and PerezSala, Dolores and Scheibenbogen, Carmen and Schmidt, Harald H. H. W. and Silveira, Isabel and Tieri, Paolo and Tolios, Alexander and Riganti, Chiara
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Trends in microbiology (Regul. ed.)