Electrostimulation of a 3D in vitro skin model to activate wound healing

The aim of the work is to propose a methodology for the stimulation of a 3D in vitro skin model to activate wound healing. The presented work is in the frame of the national research project, CronXCov, "Checking the CHRONIC to prevent COVid-19", devoted to understand how physiologic and inflamed skin on chip 3D models evolve upon a range of physical (e.g., electrical, mechanical, optical) stimulations, over time. Thanks to the 3D modelling, using Next Generation Sequencing and the network medicine frame of analysis to process the data, we will systematically characterize the effects of the applied stimuli, offering new insight for the exploitation of wound healing.
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Simona Villata, Lucia Napione, Dsire Baruffaldi, Christine Nardini, Francesca Frascella, Fabrizio Pirri