Anchored semiflexible polymer under oscillatory shear flow

The properties of a semiflexible polymer with fixed ends under oscillatory shear flow are investigated by numerical simulations. The polymer is confined in two dimensions and is modeled as a worm-like chain. The interaction with the fluid is taken into account by the Brownian multiparticle collision dynamics approach. For small shear rates, a linear oscillatory response appears. However, at high shear rates, we find a strongly nonlinear behavior with the polymer wrapping around the fixation points and shrinking. The polymer center of mass is distributed on a spatial curve resembling a lima\c{c}on with an inhomogeneous distribution. Normal-mode correlation functions are changed by shear and a frequency doubling is observed at high shear rates. An even-odd asymmetry for the Cartesian components of the correlation functions is found with rather similar spectra for odd $x$- and even $y$-modes and vice versa. Our study yields an interesting nonlinear behavior of anchored semiflexible polymers under oscillatory shear flow. Preliminary results for the case of a semiflexible polymer with one fixed end exposed to oscillatory shear will be also provided.
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A. Lamura