An Algebraic-elliptic Algorithm for Boundary Orthogonal Grid Generation

To produce grids conforming to the boundary of a physical domain with boundary orthogonality features, algebraic methods like transfinite interpolating schemes can be profitably used. Moreover, the coupling of Hermite-type (also interpolating prescribed boundary direction) schemes with elliptic methods turns out to be effective to overcome the drawback of both algebraic and elliptic strategies. Thus, in this paper, we present an algorithm for the generation of boundaryorthogonal grids which couples a mixed Hermite algebraic method with a boundaryorthogonalelliptic scheme. Numerical tests on domains with classical geometries show satisfactory performances of the algorithm and coupling effectiveness in achieving grid boundary orthogonality and smoothness.
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Costanza Conti; Rossana Morandi; Rosa Maria Spitaleri
Elsevier [etc.]
Applied mathematics and computation