Optimal bounds for solutions to Neumann problems in limiting cases

Flexible services for people transportation: a simulation model in congested area

Convergence of a numerical method for the solution of non-standard integro-differential boundary value problems

Source-level MEG analysis of the intrinsic temporal properties of neural networks in Schizophrenia

Biological systems tend to display complex behaviour with a power-law (1/f - like) distribution. In the brain, this translates into neural activity that exhibits scale-free, temporal or spatial, properties (He, 2014). Scaleinvariance has been observed across different neuroimaging modalities and…

Numerical solution of a hypersingular integral equation arising in a solid circular plate problem

Scaling and glassy behavior in lamellar ordering

A priori estimates for solutions to fully anisotropic elliptic problems

We obtain a comparison result for solutions to nonlinear fully anisotropic elliptic problems by means of anisotropic symmetrization. As consequence we deduce a priori estimates for norms of the relevant solutions.

Assessment of quality of MIPAS ESA L2 products

The Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS) is a limb-viewing infrared Fourier transform spectrometer that operated from 2002 to 2012 onboard the ENVISAT satellite. The analysis of MIPAS measurements allows to study the temporal evolution of numerous species of interest…

BATS: A user friendly Software for analyzing time series microarray experiments.

Delimitation of Glacier Zones in Svalbard using SAR Images