Functions of bounded variation and polarization

BATS: Un software user-friendly per l’analisi Bayesiana di esperimenti di serie temporali con microarray.

Volterra discrete equations: summability of the first difference.

Quadrature rules for singular integrals on unbounded intervals


Testing the new ORM v8: modeling the horizontal gradients of Temperature, Pressure and VMRs

We present the first results of the new ORM v8, and analyse the effect of the modelling of the horizontal atmospheric variability of the AX-DX differences.

Limits of fractional Orlicz-Sobolev spaces

Extended versions of the Bourgain-Brezis-Mironescu theorems on the limit as s->1^- of the Gagliardo-Slobodeckij fractional seminorm are established in the Orlicz space setting. The results hold for fractional Orlicz-Sobolev spaces built upon general Young functions, as well. The case of Young…

The adaptive Lasso estimator of AR(p) time series with applications to INAR(p) and Hawkes processes

We study the consistency and the oracle properties of the adaptive Lasso estimator for the coefficients of a linear AR(p) time series with a strictly stationary white noise (not necessarily described by i.i.d. r.v.'s). We apply the results to INAR(p) time series and to the non-parametric inference…

La disuguaglianza di Holder per i Piccoli Spazi di Lebesgue

Stime ottimali per soluzioni di problemi di Neumann in casi limite