The riskiness of defined contribution pension funds in a stochastic solvency perspective

La lunga storia della FINAC

Il tema principale di questo intervento sono i molteplici tentativi di Mauro Picone per dotare l'Istituto Nazionale per le Applicazioni del Calcolo di strumenti di calcolo sempre più avanzati. In particolare saranno esaminate le vicende legate ai primissimi tentativi di costruire un calcolatore…

Fast semi-Lagrangian schemes for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations

Asymptotic high order schemes for dissipative hyperbolic systems

We consider finite difference schemes which approximate one-dimensional dissipative hyperbolic systems. Using precise analytical time-decay estimates of the local truncation error, we show that it is possible to introduce some suitable modification in standard upwinding schemes to design schemes…

An eigenvalue problem in anisotropica Orlicz.Sobolev spaces

The existence of eigenfunctions for a class of fully anisotropic elliptic equations is estab- lished. The relevant equations are associated with constrained minimization problems for inte- gral functionals depending on the gradient of competing functions through general anisotropic Young functions…

A Fast Retrieval Model for Synergistic Inversion of Nadir / Zenith Spectral Radiance Measurements

Starting from 2019, the Italian Space Agency (ASI) is supporting dedicated projects for the development of new methods, tools and competences for the interpretation and the exploitation of the future measurements of the FORUM (Far-infrared Outgoing Radiation Understanding and Monitoring) experiment…

A computational approach for complex vascular flows

Moser type inequalities for higher-order derivatives in Lorentz spaces

Applicazioni di tecniche di super calcolo ad un modello di trasferimento radiativo nell’infrarosso: \sigma-IASI

Clustering of time-course gene expression data using a Bayesian infinite mixture model based approach