Visbrain: A multi-purpose GPU-accelerated open-source suite for brain data visualization

We present a Python open-source package called Visbrain that offers a coherent visualization suite for multi-modal brain data (intracranial and scalp EEG, MEG, structural and functional MRI). The current version of Visbrain is essentially articulated around four modules dedicated to 1) 3D visualization of functional and/or connectivity results (Brain), 2) polysomnographic data visualization and sleep analysis (Sleep, [1]), 3) data mining and basic plotting functions (Signal), 4) topographic representation (Topo). We also included functions for page layout and export of paper-ready high-quality figure. Those modules come with a modular and powerful graphical user interfaces built with PyQt. Each module has been developed in collaboration with neuroscientists and experts in the field and provides a comprehensive set of functionalities. Visbrain is developed on top of VisPy [2], a Python package providing high performance 2D and 3D visualization by leveraging the computational power of the graphic card. This package is available on Github and comes with an extensive documentation, examples and datasets (see
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Etienne Combrisson, Raphael Vallat, Christian O;Reilly, Annalisa Pascarella, Annelise Saive, Thomas Thiery, David Meunier, Dmitri Althukov, Tarek Lajnef, Perrine Ruby, Aymeric Guillot, Karim Jerbi