Penalized wavelet nonparametric univariate logistic regression for irregular spaced data

This paper concerns the study of a non-smooth logistic regression function. The focus is on a high-dimensional binary response case by penalizing the decomposition of the unknown logit regression function on a wavelet basis of functions evaluated on the sampling design. Sample sizes are arbitrary (not necessarily dyadic) and we consider general designs. We study separable wavelet estimators, exploiting sparsity of wavelet decompositions for signals belonging to homogeneous Besov spaces, and using efficient iterative proximal gradient descent algorithms. We also discuss a level by level block wavelet penalization technique, leading to a type of regularization in multiple logistic regression with grouped predictors. Theoretical and numerical properties of the proposed estimators are investigated. A simulation study examines the empirical performance of the proposed procedures, and real data applications demonstrate their effectiveness.
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Amato, Umberto; Antoniadis, Anestis; De Feis, Italia; Gijbels, Irne
Gordon & Breach Science Publishers.
Statistics (Berl.)