Penalized wavelet estimation and robust denoising for irregular spaced data

Nonparametric univariate regression via wavelets is usually implemented under the assumptions of dyadic sample size, equally spaced fixed sample points, and i.i.d. normal errors. In this work, we propose, study and compare some wavelet based nonparametric estimation methods designed to recover a one-dimensional regression function for data that not necessary possess the above requirements. These methods use appropriate regularizations by penalizing the decomposition of the unknown regression function on a wavelet basis of functions evaluated on the sampling design. Exploiting the sparsity of wavelet decompositions for signals belonging to homogeneous Besov spaces, we use some efficient proximal gradient descent algorithms, available in recent literature, for computing the estimates with fast computation times. Our wavelet based procedures, in both the standard and the robust regression case have favorable theoretical properties, thanks in large part to the separability nature of the (non convex) regularization they are based on. We establish asymptotic global optimal rates of convergence under weak conditions. It is known that such rates are, in general, unattainable by smoothing splines or other linear nonparametric smoothers. Lastly, we present several experiments to examine the empirical performance of our procedures and their comparisons with other proposals available in the literature. An interesting regression analysis of some real data applications using these procedures unambiguously demonstrate their effectiveness.
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Amato, Umberto; Antoniadis, Anestis; De Feis, Italia; Gijbels, Irne
Computational statistics (Z.)