Diffusive limit of a two-dimensional well-balanced approximation to a kinetic model of chemotaxis

A (2+2)-dimensional kinetic equation, directly inspired by the run-and-tumble modeling of chemotaxis dynamics is studied so as to derive a both ''2D well-balanced'' and ''asymptotic-preserving'' numerical approximation. To this end, exact stationary regimes are expressed by means of Laplace transforms of Fourier-Bessel solutions of associated elliptic equations. This yields a scattering S-matrix which permits to formulate a timemarching scheme in the form of a convex combination in kinetic scaling. Then, in the diffusive scaling, an IMEX-type discretization follows, for which the ''2D well-balanced property'' still holds, while the consistency with the asymptotic drift-diffusion equation is checked. Numerical benchmarks, involving ''nonlocal gradients'' (or finite sampling radius), carried out in both scalings, assess theoretical findings. Nonlocal gradients appear to inhibit blowup phenomena.
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Gabriella Bretti; Laurent Gosse
SN Partial Differential Equations and Applications