Seminario del Prof. Shi Jin

Shi Jin

Il prossimo 24 gennaio, al CNR IAC (aula seminari, I piano) si terrà il seminario del Prof. Shi Jin della Shanghai Jiao Tong University, dal titolo Dimension Lifting for Quantum Computation of  partial differential equations and related problems.

Di seguito l'abstract.

Quantum computers have the potential to gain algebraic and even up to exponential speed up compared with their classical counterparts, and can lead to a technology revolution in the 21st century. Since quantum computers are designed based on the quantum mechanics principle, they are most suitable to solve the Schrodinger equation, and linear PDEs (and ODEs) evolved by unitary operators.  The most efficient quantum PDE solver is a quantum simulation based on solving the Schrodinger equation. It will be interesting to explore what other problems in scientific computing, such as ODEs, PDEs, and  linear algebra that arise in both classical and quantum systems,  can be handled by quantum simulation.  


We will present a systematic way to develop quantum simulation algorithms for general differential equations. Our basic framework is dimension lifting, which transfers nonlinear PDEs to linear ones, and linear ones to Schrodinger typo PDEs. For non-autonomous PDEs and ODEs, or Hamiltonian systems with time-dependent Hamiltonians,  we also add an extra dimension to transform them into autonomous PDEs that have only time-independent coefficients, thus quantum simulations can be done without using the cumbersome Dyson’s series and time-ordering operators. Our formulation allows both qubit and qumode (continuous-variable) formulations, and their hybridizations. 

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