Low and high resonance components restoration in multichannel data

A technique for the restoration of low resonance component and high res- onance component of K independently measured signals is presented. The definition of low and high resonance component is given by the Rational Dilatation Wavelet Transform (RADWT), a particular kind of finite frame that provides sparse repre- sentation of functions with different oscillations persistence. It is assumed that the signals are measured simultaneously on several independent channels and in each channel the underlying signal is the sum of two components: the low resonance component and the high resonance component, both sharing some common char- acteristic between the channels. Components restoration is performed by means of the lasso-type penalty and back-fitting algorithm. Numerical experiments show the performance of the proposed method in different synthetic scenarios highlighting the advantage of estimating the two components separately rather than together.
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De Canditiis Daniela and De Feis Italia