The Model



  by V. Bruni and D. Vitulano




The Algorithm







Scratches Classification




  • Principal Scratches extending vertically on more than 95% of the image

    • not alone , having another scratch at distance of few pixels with sidelobes influencing each other;


    • alone , viceversa.


  • Secondary scratches: length up to 95% of image (They can be alone or not alone)




Experimental Results




The proposed algorithm
  • detects principal and secondary scratches because there are not thresholds on the length of the scratch; see the ones in the middle of the portion of the frame of STAR sequence;

    STAR sequence, portion of FRAME no.1



  • detects slight scratches thanks to the Weber’s law, expecially if they are alone; see the one at column number 146 of the seventh frame of SITDOWN sequence;

    SITDOWN sequence, portion of FRAME no.7



  • has no limit on the number of scratches to be detected;

  • employs a lower computing time: O(MN) for the cross-section computation and O(N) for the thresholding phases




(see V. Bruni, D. Vitulano, A Generalized Model for Scratch Detection, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, Vol. 12, No. 11, November 2003)

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